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SOCIALBOARD is a self-service content platform that assist companies to collect user generated content and publish/display them across their various digital screens. Subscribers will have full control of the content which has to published. Easy moderation and Auto filtering options are available.

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SocialBoard looks great in malls, hotel lobbies and live event activations. Customers, fans and guests love seeing their posts on the big screen, so reward them with posting their positive experiences and reviews via SocialBoard.

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  • Social Board for your Brands - Create Stunning Customized Social Board for your Brand
  • Social Board for your Events - Create Contents for Events
  • Social Boards for Shopping Malls
  • Use Social board to showcase your products , increase reach and brand awareness.
  • Real-time social board displays bring curated fan content into the retail environment, creating an interactive and social shopping experience

Why use SocialBoard?

Amplify social content

SocialBoard lets you stream your business’ content, your customers’ content and your campaign’s hashtag content. Our social feeds connect your customers, enhance the power of your audience and take your overall brand digital experience to a different level.

Capitalize on UGC

We all have our unique story and the best brand content is one actually created by your customers. Integrate user-generated content (UGC) into your websites or digital screens to increase marketing performance. UGC drives more repeat visits and more time spent on site. Aggregate from all major social media channels, including your campaign hashtags.

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Socialboard is now being used by many of our clients. Here are some references.

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